Adventures in the second half of life

All About Me

I am a “story-ographer” and an educator. I record stories, of places, experiences, and journeys.

I grew up in the north of England, Lancashire to be precise in a northern industrial town. I grew up liking adventures. As a child, I would spend time at my gran and granddad’s house, looking after the chickens while they went away on holiday. We’d pick apples in the autumn, which would be stored in bedding boxes in the caravan ‘down the field’. As I grew older, I picked up my camera and began wandering in woods and on moors. I travelled to different places in the world, but I always came back, until one day I moved away from ‘the North’ altogether. I moved south to the Midlands and sometimes Europe.

During my life I’ve dabbled briefly with a career in engineering, but decided teaching was for me, then I tried life as a photographer and worked freelance, after that I learned how to teach in a woodland, so that now I still teach, I still take photographs and I write stories and poems.

I return home to the North as often as I can on a pilgrimage to Booths supermarket. To stock up on supplies and see if they now do long distance delivery!