Sea Food Linguine and White Wine

sea food linguine and white wine-0485That was how I first saw you. I was eating seafood linguine and drinking white wine in a market café and you were sat huddled over a blue rucksack. At first I tried not to look, unsure if you were waiting for someone. But then I saw the purple hat on the floor.

I approached with a few feeble euros and put them in your hat. Now, I know your name, Angelica, and I know you are from Bulgaria. Where you trying to tell me your story, when you held up four fingers? Is that how long you have been here? Is it how many children you have? Or how long since?…

We held hands for a short time, and we looked at each other. What else could I do to let you know that, Angelica you are not a category or a religion, you are my sister, whom I only noticed for a short time.


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